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U.S. Military Seeks Public Assistance to Locate Missing $80 Million Stealth Fighter Jet


The U.S. military needs your help to find a missing and very expensive stealth fighter jet worth $80 million. Here’s what happened:

The Incident

Location: Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina
On Sunday, at Joint Base Charleston in South Carolina, there was an incident involving a special plane known as the F-35B Lightning II. The pilot had to eject from the plane quickly, but they are safe and receiving medical care. However, the aircraft itself is currently missing, and efforts are underway to locate it.

Stealth fighter jet

“A stealth fighter is a special kind of military aircraft designed to be very hard for enemy radar systems to see and track. These planes have features and materials that soak up or bounce away radar waves, making them much less visible on radar screens.

Stealth fighters are mostly used for tasks like gaining control of the sky and attacking targets on the ground. They usually come equipped with high-tech equipment and powerful weapons. What makes them famous is their ability to operate in places where there’s a high risk of being spotted by enemy radar, giving them a big advantage in battles.

One of the most famous stealth fighters is the F-35 Lightning II. It’s used not only by the United States but also by many other countries. This idea of stealth technology is used a lot in modern military airplanes to make them better at their job and more likely to survive in combat situations.”

How Stealth Fighter Jet Work: Staying Hidden in the Sky

Stealth fighters are special military planes designed to stay hidden from enemy radar. They use a mix of smart design, special materials, and technology to make it really tough for radar systems to spot them. Here’s how they do it:

1. Special Shape and Design

These planes have a unique shape that’s built to bounce radar signals away. They don’t have smooth surfaces like regular planes. Instead, they have lots of angles and flat parts that scatter radar signals in all directions, so they don’t bounce back to the radar. This makes them much less noticeable on radar screens.

2. Radar-Absorbing Materials

The outside of these planes is covered with materials that soak up radar energy. These materials can absorb and scatter radar waves, which helps reduce the reflection of radar signals.

3. Hidden Weapons

Stealth fighters usually carry their weapons like missiles and bombs inside their bodies, not hanging on the outside. This way, there are fewer parts that can reflect radar signals.

4. Smart Electronics

These planes have super-smart electronics and radar systems. They can spot and deal with enemy planes and threats while staying hidden themselves. These systems give the pilot a good idea of what’s happening around them and help them attack targets effectively.

5. Staying Hidden from Heat and Eyes

Apart from radar, stealth fighters also try to hide from heat sensors and the naked eye. They use tricks like cooling systems to reduce the heat they produce and stay invisible to heat sensors.

6. Electronic Tricks

Stealth fighter jet have gadgets that can mess up or confuse enemy radar and missile systems. These gadgets make it hard for enemy sensors and weapons to work properly.

7. Clever Flying

Pilots who fly stealth fighter jet are trained to fly in ways that make the most of their plane’s stealth features. They fly low, use the terrain to hide, and work with other friendly forces to complete their missions while staying out of sight.

All these things together make stealth fighters really good at their job. They can work in areas where there’s a high chance of being seen by enemy radar and defenses, and they can do it with less risk. But remember, even though they’re super sneaky, they’re not completely invisible. They’re just really hard to spot compared to regular planes.

Call for Public Help

The military has reached out to the general public for assistance in finding this plane. They have shared requests on social media, asking for our help.

Challenges in Locating the Plane

Last-Known Location: Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion, North of Joint Base Charleston
The plane’s last-known location was somewhere near Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion, to the north of Joint Base Charleston. However, the situation is complex because when the pilot left the plane, it was still flying on autopilot. Additionally, the plane’s tracking device was not functioning for reasons that remain unknown. This further complicates the search because the plane is designed to be difficult to detect by radar.

Government Questions

Rep. Nancy Mace’s Inquiry: South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace questions how such an advanced plane could go missing. She is curious about the absence of a tracking device and why the public is being asked for help.

Unique Design

A spokesperson from Joint Base Charleston explained that this particular plane is intentionally designed to be challenging to spot due to its unique features.

How to Help

Contact Information: If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of the F-35 plane, you can contact the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing Public Affairs Office at 252-466-3827. They are also collaborating with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the search for the plane.


As of now, there are many unanswered questions, and the military has not provided additional details.