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Tesla asked to copy Apple’s strategy to make in india : Reports



Tesla asked to copy Apple’s strategy to make in india : Reports Recently we have seen that many reports have been published regarding this topic that Tesla has been asked to copy Apple’s strategy in India and in the same way you have to move forward on the path of Make in India. But international media, Indian media have published many reports. So in this blog I will tell you what it means at a time when Tesla is in talks for mega investment, what is the demand in India that you copy Apple’s model.

And at the same time, let me also tell you that BYD is a Chinese company, it wanted to invest billions of dollars in India, but it has received rejections many times from India. And now BYD has also said that we should not invest in India. We’re going back to China. Recently Global Times had published an article about it. This story is over for now, but what has been said to Tesla recently, according to media reports, we will discuss a lot, you will get to know.

IPhone exports from India

So if we talk about export of iPhone from India. I am not talking about how many phones are being sold in India, the number of phones being Assembled in India and being sold to foreign countries is increasing continuously.

Most recent number Apple iphone exports hit top gear touch Rs 20,000 crore in first quarter. This is a big amount and the speed with which India is moving forward we will not be surprised at all that if this number It can easily reach around 50,000 crores or 60,000 crores it can well much happen.



Make in India iPhone’s

Meanwhile, you must have also noticed that many iPhones are being sold in Europe in the US where it is written Assembled in India, now note that Made in India is not written. Assembled in India is written and the reason for this is simply, see, it is not so that all the components of the phone are being made in India and exported to them. Still, what we are doing today is assembled in India and there is no need to be too disappointed in this. Anyway, all the parts of Apple are collected from all over the world, then they are assembled in a country.



Made In India


I am not saying that today nothing is being manufactured in India for Apple iPhones, manufacturing is being done on a very small scale, but most of the components of Apple come from outside countries and they are assembled in India. The same thing happens in China, it is not that China makes all these parts in China. If you see in China also, mostly they used to assemble, but you have done a good job in India that many vendors are preparing these in India itself, For example, Apple is preparing Tata. Very soon Tata should also become their very important assembler in India. Foxconn is a big vendor of Apple, which is a Taiwanese company, they are assembling iPhones in India. Apart from that, they are involving Tata Group and talks are on with some other companies as well. Due to which jobs will come in India and in the coming time, Foxconn will invest billions of dollars in making various components in India.


Do it like Apple

Now media reports are claiming that the Government of India has given the same example to Tesla as well.

If you want to work in India, if you want to assemble in India, then do it like Apple is doing. There is an image of Elone musk, he himself also believes in this thing, in the US many people believe that they do not follow the rules and many times they take advantage of the rules and regulations silently. Now, laterally, if you read the articles of CNN and many other news channels, it is clearly written that Elon Musk has again proved that rules do not apply to him. This is exactly the track record of Elone musk, any country makes rules in front of them. They try to create their own new path by going a little side of the rules and Tesla has the same idea in India too.

Indian Ministry of finance

In 2020, the Ministry of Finance told through Press Information Bureau that Integration of “Assemble in India for the World” into ‘Make in India’ can Raise India’s Export Market Share to About 3.5% by 2025 and 6% by 2030.

That’s why this report has been published where Tesla has been told that if nothing is understood for now, what to do, we are in total loss, there is no ecosystem in India yet. Just like Apple established its feet, there were no less problems for Apple too, but they also found solutions, similarly you also find solutions.
So now it has to be seen whether Tesla agrees about this?
Will they slowly start manufacturing components in India like Apple?
Or will they come at a time and say that India is too difficult, we are not ready now, we will be behind.
This can also happen because they will have to spend billions to move properly in India.











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    Definitely it will aligned with the current Govt. make in INDIA policy.
    which will benefit INDIA – in terms of JOB, technology and international brand value.

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