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Russia Luna 25 Will Land before, ISRO Chandrayaan 3

Its almost definite that the Russia Luna 25 will land before, ISRO Chandrayaan 3. Some are sad to see that the record of the ISRO is being stolen or whatever people think. We need to understand this a little bit more deeply.

Why Land before Chandrayaan 3

For that we need to know their landing spots, Look at the pins on this picture. The right pin is of Luna 25, 69 degree south and 43 degree east and the Left pin is of Chandrayaan 3. It’s degrees south and 32 degrees east.

If you look at the Moon’s sunrise or phases. They come from the right to left. This means that the sunrise will be 1st at the location of Luna 25. Some people confused about the relation of the sunrises. The relation of sunrises is that a day on the moon is 14 Earth days. So 14 Earth day = 1 Lunar day.



Why is this Important ?

Because in these missions, we want to use science instruments to max. We need to make sure that they can use the Sun for 14 days. Because both are mostly solar powered. Now, yes, this is an exception that Russia has a radioactive heating unit. That will keep it hot at night. When night on the moon, it is very cold. There are very high chances that your lander will die but still, Russia cannot take a chance because it is a backup option. So for the first 14 days, we need to make sure that we get the full science. The same for Chandrayaan 3, the first day of Chandrayan 3 is on 23rd August. The first day of Chandrayaan 3 will start on 23rd August and they need to make sure that they get all 14 days. Especially important for Chandrayaan 3 as it does not have a nuclear heating unit. It has very high chances that it will not be able to survive after night, but lets be hopefull, So, when the Sun comes back after a month, may be it will not survive and Russia will likely survive because it is related for 1 year with the nuclear heating unit. But then again, we assume that the mission will be successful here. What does this means ?

Russia,s almost 50 years

For Russia,s 50 years, after almost 50 years, to be specific 47 years, the mission is happening. Many people have resigned, the institution knowledge must have been lost. Team knowledge mus have been lost. So every Moon mission, when there are chances, it will fail. So, Yes, this is the entire article assumption that both will be successful. So scientifically, this makes sense, landing the day of sunrise. if I had not said that the distance of the distance both of them, then they are 120km apart.

What is the problem with the Records ?

The problem is that when people do not understand the complexity of the mission or the engineering. They go to the nearest, dumbest, or must simplest thing, they get stuck. Like when Chandrayaan 3 was launched, people were talking about the 600 crore cost.

why do they matter ?

Similarly, records should not matter. We are showing our engineering power here and we are doing science. Some people literally think that they will decide mission based on what records will be created. What do you think ? Chairman Somnath is sitting on the chair and saying that at least 6 records will be required in Venus mission. Otherwise, it will be difficult for Sahil Raju to do cloud farming on Twitter ???? Really, mission are designed for science and often design to do new science so then new science leads to new records. Records are not the reason for doing new science. Okay, let’s start with the first South Pole landing.

The question is, can we call both lander’s as South Pole landing ?  

As i said, they are at 69 degrees, South pole center is at 90 degrees. It means, it is very low, Recently, Astroneel bhai had shown the map of India on the moon. That both the landers will come to Chennai and South Pole lander will come to Kanyakumari. Which is almost 600 km away. Now, I know that people will argue that there is a region in South Pole. Who has defined it? I don’t know, but there is region, who defined the region/ don’t know. Now this is the problem with records. Now I will make you happy with the disappointments of the records. I have 3 things to make you happy. First addings new records leads to new records like Goa’s first cricketer, South Goa’s first cricketer, 1st cricketer from a certain village in south Goa. In that village, there is a village’s first cricketer in some area. If you go a little deeper, the records will come. In this case, there is a big records that the Luna doesn’t have a rover. We can say on tweeter that it landed, but we have the world’s first South Pole rover. Second you can say that it is landing closest to South Pole, technically speaking. Third, there is a big bomb that people can shoot but why don’t they shoot ? In 2008, on the chandrayaan 1, ISRO landed a hard landing on the O.G. South pole. On purpose, they did a Moon Impact probe. So that is first landing of the world’s first South Pole, and 1st human made object there, Before any country. If you want to brag on that day, I have given you all this. You can make new records like this.

Luna 25

Now, let’s talk about the Lunar 25, Because it was cool. Engineering, science is quite interesting. The image you are seeing your right side are the brocher or the launch kit. This is translated launch kit. They have made a Titanium SV5 on twitter. The interesting thing is that if you look at the architecture of the Luna 25. The propulsion module at the bottom, which has the fuel and engines. It is separate from the science and instrumentation module at the top. Technically, you freeze the design. You can put different things on it. Like a return vehicle in the future because your lander has been proved, your platform has been proved . So this is quite interesting  and secondly, if you look at its science. It is suspiciously like the Chandrayaan 3. It is very close, means the instrumentation suit. Now this can be because originally. It was planned with the Russian or maybe not, I don’t know details of Russia’s affairs.

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