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Hollywood Love India:- Not only is India one of Hollywood’s favorite destinations to produce films but many International celebrities have expressed an admiration for the country be it a love of culture, food or clothes. Some famous celebrities showing his love for India. Be it Julia Robert, Will Smith, Tom Holland and Lady Gaga.

Hollywood A- lister’s have India always been awe of while many have spoken about how much they love the country. Others have appreciated the warm welcome they received when they visited the south Asian Nation.

Julia Robert : A Practicing Hindu

The pretty women of Hollywood Julia Robert has a special connection with India But did you that the actor is a practicing Hindu just like a couple of years ago. When you were completely concerned portions of her film “Eat Pray Love” was shot in India contrary to popular belief. She did not become fascinated by Hinduism after working on the film but was already practicing before signing the film. Julia Roberts first talked about being a practicing Hindu in 2011. In an interview she said and I’m quoting I’m definitely a practicing Hindu. I go to the Temple to chant, pray and celebrate.


Will Smith’s Spiritual Journey in India

Like Julia Robert Hollywood actor Will Smith is frequently seen expression his love for India. In 2019 actor posted multiple pictures from his visit to India and he believes that traveling here gave him a new understanding of himself his arts and the truths of the world. Will Smith summed up his experience of visiting the country in the best possible way. Will Smith captioned the post:- My grandmother used to say “God Teaches through experience”. Traveling to India & Experience the colors, people and natural beauty has awakened a new understanding of myself, my art & the truth of the world.



Brad Pitt in Varanasi

The curious case of Brad Pitt in Varanasi from practicing Hinduism to Gods of Varanasi. This Hollywood A-lister finds Varanasi very fascinating. Brad Pitt has visited India on several occasions but in 2012 the actor visited Varanasi and found absolutely staggering. The star was in awe of how the city spilled into the Ganges. Brad Pitt even shot a bit of his film “The curious case of Benjamin buttons” in the city and since then there has been no turning back to Pitt. In 2015 Brad Pitt was spotted on the Gods of Varanasi with a camera in his hand looks like it’s one of the favorite destinations for holidays.


The Rock: Dwayne Jonson 

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, who was once a wrestler, talked about his connection with India. “There were a couple of tours in which we were planning to go to India during my professional wrestling days, but it fell through for whatever reason. I was looking forward to that because my friends – The Undertaker and Stone-Cold Steve Austin – would come back from India and say you must go there because we had the greatest time and the crowd was crazy,” he concluded. The Rock special message for Indian peoples he is started his interview with “Namaste India” Rock says he can not wait to come to India and express his gratitude tom people who have been loving him over the years.


India: A Food Paradise for A-Listers

Now the some India is favorite holiday spot for others it’s a food paradise topping that list is-

Lady Gaga

The Oscar winning singer loves Indian food so much that she says she can consume it every single day. Her favorite Indian food is curry. She once said in an interview that she wants to eat so much and just go into an Indian food coma but she’s not alone.


Hollywood love IndiaTom Cruise

Hollywood Daredevil Tom Cruise too loves eating spicy Indian food. He has often spotted visiting Indian restaurants to satisfy his cravings for Indian food. His favorite Indian dish is chicken Tikka.


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is Canadian singer. He is recognized for his genre-melding musicianship and global influence in modern day popular music. Justin Bieber is also said an interview- I like Indian tandoori chicken, the chicken tikka.



Then comes to the queen of Park Madonna. The Sixty Four year old singer is found of South Indian food especially Idles. She loves Indian food  because of it’s magical Aroma. Madonna once said and i’m quoting here I distinctly like the smell of fresh coriander in the curries.





The way Hollywood A-Lister’s showing his love for India and Indian peoples. It’s clear the love for Indian culture goes beyond the big screen.




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