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Foreign Minister of china Qin Gang is missing: ChineseGovt. Hiding Something


Foreign Minister of china Qin Gang is missing. Qin Gang is China’s foreign minister in fact one of the youngest foreign minister China has ever had Qin Gang is 57 years old and he is missing. The minister has not seen in public almost a month. Now where is he China won’t tell you.



Qin gang’s last engagement was on the 25th of June. That day he’d met officials from Sri Lanka, Russia and Vietnam. Now almost a month since then where has he been no  one knows. Earlier this month Qin was supposed to meet the European Union’s foreign policy Chief Joseph Burrel but meeting was canceled at the last minute. Beijing told the EU that the dates were no longer possible basically on the lines of Qin’s calendar being full. Which is bizarre because Qin had no public engagements that day or any other day since of June. Qin was supposed to attend ASEAN’s meeting on the 11th or 12th of July.

He wasn’t there either China’s predecessor Wang yi filled in for the foreign minister in Indonesia. It’s all very unusual isn’t it a country foreign minister is missing one big diplomatic event after another and the country has nothing to say. A couple of weeks ago when the spokesperson of the Chinese foreign ministry was pressed about Qin’s where abouts. He said Qin was unable to attend the ASEAN’s meeting because of health reasons. Now what health reasons exactly is he hospitalized, if yes why if not where is he. Now they know health bulletins at least none that China has made public. His family hasn’t said anything and his office is silent. I can’t emphasize enough on how bizarre all of this is all the more so. Because Qin is someone who is supposed to be extremely close to Chinese president Xi Jinping. He is in fact booster boy of China’s wolf warrior diplomacy. Let me tell you a little bit about him. Qin Gang is a career Diplomat he is joining the service in Beijing in his early Twenties. He’s had three stints in the UK in 2021. China sent him to Washington as its Ambassador. This was a few months after U.S President Joe Biden took office within a year.

He was called back and was asked to replaced Wang Yi as China’s foreign minister. He became China’s foreign minister in December and seven months on he had disappeared. And let me tell you something else Qin isn’t the high profile person disappear in China. Not too long ago Alibaba founder Jack Ma had gone missing. He disappeared after criticizing China’s Financial regulatory system in 2020 calling it out for what he called its pawn shop mentality.

Guo Guandchang is Missing

This is Guo Guandchang they Call him   China’s warren Buffett in 2015 he went missing






Xiao Jiannhua is Missing

Chinese Canadian Billionaire Xiao Jiannhua in 2017 Chinese security agents picked him up from Hong Kong.He is jailed for 13 years in China.


Fan BingBing is Missing

This is one of the best known Chinese actor Fan Bingbing she disappeared in 2018 no one knew where she was for almost one long year.




Meng Hongwei is Missing

And this is Meng Hongwei he was the interpol Chief when he went missing in China in 2018. Yeah it’s a long list. I could go on and on in short it seems that just about anyone can go missing in china. billionaires vanish, Celebrities is vanish, Sports star vanish, Interpol chiefs vanish why. Because the Chinese Communist party can come after you and it doesn’t seem to be the rule  of law. The minute you rub it the wrong way CCP can come after you irrespective of who you are or what position you hold. Also China likes to show its people that it is a fan the rule book and that it will not allow any slips any corruption, any kickback and no dodging of taxes  apparently.

The Chinese communist party also wants to make it clear that there should be no affairs. Why this is important well its important, In the present case because there are some who believe that.

The Chinese foreign minister has  disappeared because of an affair. An affair he was having. Some reports and some rumors say that Qin was involved in Fu Xiaotian. She is a TV presenter and there are some more believe that there are some who allege that she’s actually a British spy perhaps even a double agent. Now there’s no way of verifying of these claims. starting with the two of them ever actually even did have an affair. Now  Fu Xiaotian had interviewed the Chinese minister in March 2022. Many branded the interview somewhat flirty.

Now who gave birth to a son in November. That year she reportedly shared his photo on  social media with the caption read a victorious opening. Now this was on day when Qin was promoted state counselor. Now let’s face it I want to get into gossip a lot of this is here say how much of this is actually true. How much of it is not true it’s very difficult to say and seeing as we are talking about platforms like wiebo and a country like China verification becomes almost impossible. So is this alleged affair the reason why the Chinese foreign minister has disappeared but we don’t know you not be surprised because it is China.











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