You are currently viewing China’s silent war on India and the role of Neville Roy Singham

China’s silent war on India and the role of Neville Roy Singham

China’s silent war on India


Our cover story is about a man who has been accused of waging a war in India. It’s a fire less. It’s a war of narrative a war of misinformation and disinformation. It is China’s war of influence and Beijing’s foot soldier in this war is Neville Roy Singham.

Neville Roy Singham.

A New York Times investigation has accused him of spending millions of dollars in India in order to spread pro-China propaganda but this is not the first time singham’s name has come for something fishy raids previously have led Indian authorities to singham. Now don’t get fooled by his bollywoodish name. Neville Roy Singham is an American but he sits thousands of miles away in Shanghai close to the Chinese seat of power running his large network of propaganda machines masquerading as shell companies and NGO’s.

Spread Chinese propaganda.

Last week Singham was reportedly attending a a workshop on ways to spread Chinese propaganda. He ones founded a company called thoughtworks Inc. The website claims Roy is a globally renowned information Technology thought leader. So why this thought leader being accused of influencing people’s thoughts in favor of Chin. Why is he promoting Chinese propaganda by framing in India. Is his resume nothing but a cover. In India Singham reportedly poured money into website called news click. It is run by PPK news click Studio private Limited the year 2021 this website came under the radar of India’s enforcement directorate ad claimed that news click had received questionable foreign funding amounting to 38 crore rupees. So on the 9th of February the ED rated news click at least 10 of its premises were searched the rate lasted five days. The New York Times’ assertion of a connection between Singham’s Network and NewsClick has sent shockwaves through the media sphere. This allegation goes beyond mere news reporting and delves into potential geopolitical implications. Investigating the validity of these allegations is of paramount importance in preserving journalistic integrity.

NewsClick’s Profile: Disguised in Plain Sight

NewsClick’s website, at first glance, appears innocuous – devoid of overt cues that could suggest affiliations with any particular government or ideology. The absence of red colors or overt national symbols raises questions about the subtlety with which media outlets may propagate certain narratives.

Unraveling the Propaganda Thread

The core issue here is the content itself. The New York Times claims that NewsClick’s coverage has been subtly laced with talking points aligning with the Chinese government’s perspective. This opens up a broader conversation about media manipulation and the challenges of discerning subtle biases within news content.

 This is what the website looks like nothing obviously suspicious there no Red color or Chinese flag of course.

Not too long ago News click filed a story that declared Oppenheimer film should remind us who is the real enemy of the people and who was that definitely not china the story reads that. I’m quoting for young internationalists and anti-imperialists in the United State. It essential for us to listen clearly to the people of the West Africa. And the sahel Western media has been spinning nefarious deals of Russian and Chinese growing influence in the region. Two years ago News click this story China claims to achieve eradication of absolute poverty. Also two years ago news click asked can China leads the way to a low-cost low carbon future. And her’s another story economically the U.S is a declining power China is a rising power. The message is clear China will only follow the path of socialism. How U.S agressive on China will destabilize global trade and Tech. would you call the reportage slash coverage neutral or is there an obvious bias there.

Singham is accused of buying this bias on behalf of China how exactly you wonder. Through charities and shell companies in April 2018 for example a company named worldwide media holdings LLC invested 9.59 crores in PPK News click. worldwide media is now deformed it was based out of Delaware and it was part of Singham’s network.  

Entities that sent money to NewsClick

Between 2018 and 2021 news click received money from four different entities linked to singham. It in fact received 27.51 crore from justice and educational fund located in the United state 26.98 lakhs from G-spam LLC again located in the United state 49.31 lakhs came in from the Tri-continental Limited Inc USA and 2.03 lakhs was sent from a certain Central popular Demidas Brazil. And what was this money for export of services claimed News click what services. New York Times claims quote-unquote tracked hundreds of millions of dollars to group linked to Singham that mix progressive advocacy with Chinese government talking points.

News click mind you is just one of the many ways in which singham is pushing the Chinese narrative into the mainstream discourse. Singham finances Youtube videos that pro-Chinese narrative in Sanghai for example one of his companies co-produced a Youtube show along with the city’s propaganda department. Singham finances NGO’s that slightly towed the Chinese line. The New York Times also claiming that Singham and his network meet congressional AIDS train politician in Africa they help in organizing protests and the end goal here is to create an Eco chamber. Where the Chinese narrative is celebrated even promoted and then when protesters or a politician paid by singham or trained by Singham says something pro-China.

New York Times claims Chinese media accounts retweet people and organizations in Singham’s network at least 122 times since February 2020. Nothing here is genuine everything is tailored orchestrated and funded it seems to suite the Chinese propaganda campaign. Neville Roy Singham is a reminder of how china’s narrative war has gone beyond state-funded media outlets and the Confucius institute. Beijing has spread its tentacles roped in third parties they may be anywhere they may be anyone. What may look like independent content or a journalistic piece on China may have its roots soaked in chinese money and tasked with influencing your views on China making you look at the world through China’s lens and fall for the Chinese lie.








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