You are currently viewing Apple’s iPhone 15 September 2023 event leaked:

Apple’s iPhone 15 September 2023 event leaked:


Apple’s iPhone 15 September 2023 event leaked: Every year Apple holds an event in September where it usually announces a new set of the iPhone’s, Air pods and next Apple watch series. What to expect including when the Apple event will start and what will launch.


When is Apple’s iPhone 15 event 2023

Apple has not officially announced the event at this point but they’ve done it the first or second week of September like every year of my entire life. so they’re almost certainly going to follow that same pattern in 2023. Which means that the event will likely be happening on Tuesday September 5th or Wednesday September 6th or if Apple wakes just a week later the 12th or the 13th. In shorts it’s really close to that day and it’s weird to say that the iPhone but we are hearing that the iPhone release might be delayed this year, so it seems unlikely that Apple will hold an event that early.

According to 9to5Mac, several carriers are telling employees not to take off September 13 due to a major announcement. It makes sense as a date for the event, though preorders are typically not available until Friday (which would be September 15). Unless they expect pre-sales to commence on September 13, with the event happening a week earlier on Wednesday, September 6.

How many models will there be of IPhone 15 ?

We’re getting four new models this year just like last year two new iPhone 15 and two new iPhone 15 pros. Standard models first not only are both the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 plus getting a subtle redesign this year. Where the edges are going to be a bit more curved that don’t look a lot different but definitely feel way more comfortable in your hand. The back glass for the first time on the standard model is going to be frosted so they’ll feel more premium.

And the colors are going to phenomenal.A new super bright pink kind of like a barbie edition is coming as well as an updated blue that is also bright I think these colors are going to be incredibly popular and i’m just glad that apple listening to us instead of giving us this pink you guys remember this pink iPhone 13 that wasn’t actually pink i’m still not cover it.

The most important design change by far is what’s on the bottom I don’t know if we can zoom in and get a close-up here can you guys see that is USB-c for the first time ever on the iPhone. We have been asking for this actually forever and the  fact that it’s finally coming is actually crazy now. This does mean you’re gonna have to replace all your lightning accessories but considering that USB-c is on actually every other tech product that exists on the market I don’t think the transition to USB-c actually going to be that big problem for a lot of people and finally for the standard iPhone 15 models a  faster A16 bionic processor in here as well currently is the A15 but by far the most attention Apple has given the standard models in a long time these are starting at 800.

The iPhone 15 pros

Now if you want to step it up just a little bit more you’ve got the iPhone 15 pros which is the biggest upgrade since the iPhone 12 redesign in 2020. The redesign on here is going to be a bit more dramatic with a larger camera bump the curved edges from the standard 15 that make make this way more comfortable in your hand but there’s also a new material for the first time we are getting titanium.

This material is said to not only be lighter and more durable it also is going to give the phones a completely new Matt look that. We haven’t had since stainless steel was introduced years ago the colors though do leave some to be desired still we’re getting either dark maroon product red edition or a darker blue color we’re not exactly sure which one is finally going to make it into production but don’t expect anything bright or fun for the pros. As far as colors go but don’t get we wrong there’s actually quite a bit on the iPhone 15 pros. I think is really fun starting off with the replacement of the mute switch that is going away in place of a brand new action button. If you remember when Apple unveiled the watch Ultra in 2022 they added a button this device for the first time that was user re programmable to things like workouts or your flashlight or really anything you wanted with shortcuts and it’s going to work just like it does on the Apple watch. where one click will allow you to get access to your camera or your flashlight or maybe even a certain app you can still use it as the mute switch if you want you’ll just press it instead of actually flipping it. I thin it’s going to be a hit we’ve never had a new button on the iPhone since the iPhone came out so this is actually to be a pretty big deal.

Tesla asked to copy Apple's strategy to make in indiaThe iPhone 15 pros will also get the best cameras including on the pro max specifically you’re going to be getting a Periscope Zoom lens which  will allow you to get a crazy digital zoom. similar to what we’ve seen from some Android competitors and while again the Periscope Zoom feature will be exclusive to the largest 15 from max. We’re getting new lenses on all of the pro models that should significantly upgrade photo quality and while normally i would just briefly mentioned that the iPhone 15 pro is getting a new A17 chip it’s going to be huge upgrade this year because it’s based on the three nanometer architecture which is a completely way to structurally build a chip. it’s never been in any Apple product we’re expecting huge performance and battery life upgrades essentially the biggest we have ever seen in iPhone history and of course the iPhone 15 pros also getting USB-c but it’s  going to have thunderbolt support so the speeds are going to be as fast as what you get on a Mac or iPad pro it’s like for shooting video and transferring it I’m just so excited it’s going to be fast finally what I get all of this is coming at higher prices the pro price increase since the iPhone 10 came out in 2017.


Alongside the iPhone 15 we’re also going to be getting a new version of Air pod’s pro but it just got updated a year ago.

So you do have to temper your expectations just a bit in fact the only upgrade that we’ve been hearing from the rumors so far is  is that Apple is planning to swap out the lighting port with USB-c on Air pods just like they are doing on the new iPhone’s this year and this move don’t seem like a big deal until I realized you’ll now be able to carry one single cable to charge your MacBook, iPad, iPhone and air pods you no longer need lightning for anything and that made me realize I think a lot of people are actually going to be buying these even if it’s the only upgrade.

Apple Watch

We’re getting a new series 9 this year as well as an ultra 2.

We’ll get to this in a second it’s way more exiting because for the series 9 it is said to look and feel identical to the series 8 before it with the only incredible rumor we’ve heard so far this product wait for it because i don’t know if you’re ready i would sit down for this one we are hearing that for the first time in three years the Apple watch is getting a faster and more efficient processor.

We are getting a chip upgrade as the main new feature of the series 9. Now the current Apple watch aren’t slow at all but over time with bigger software updates like watch OS 10. They’re going to show their time but but the real reason this actually matters is it’s going to be based on a newer iPhone chip. So the battery life and the efficiency overall improve it’s like we need a performance boost on the Apple watch it handles everything fine it’s essentially a future-moving mood. Now all this being said there could be some silver lining for the Apple watch series 9 is Apple continues to work some updated Health features or more.

Some specifically there could be new finis the ceramic could be coming back on the series 9 and while this is by no means confirmed I’ve started to see some folks talk about it here and there.

Ultra 2

New Apple watch Ultra 2 coming it’s getting that faster S9 chip as well but it also might be getting satellite connectivity. The Apple watch ultra 2 could be getting emergency SOS via satellite that we first saw on the iPhone 14.

This feature allows you in areas with absolutely no cell reception to literally connect to satellites floating around the Earth’s to contact emergency respondents to call for help and while it sounds like a feature you’re never going to need it’s a feature that you allow absolutely be glade you have. when you find yourself somewhere stranded like in the bottom of a canyon where someone got their lives saved because they had an iPhone 14. And a lot of people get really mad at me for showing my excitement for this feature. It’s not something you’ll use everyday but you have to see what Apple’s building here right now it’s just for emergency SOS notice how iPhone 14 keynote they said that it was going to be for free for two years. Apple didn’t make this free for two years because for the next decade it’s only going to be for emergency SOS.

We are going to see the ability to to send text to loved once over satellite, make phone calls over satellites, get data through satellite in the future.

Apple watch ultra 2 or maybe three if it slips 2024 but it’s going to save people’s lives at the minimum and it’s going to allow a lot more in the future at a maximum. Now well that’s going to the main focus for the apple watch ultra 2. there’s a couple of other adjustment that Apple’s with this product the first one being so heavy Apple’s apparently working on a way to make the new version lighter cutting it’s way down from the over 600 grams it currently weights and this might be happening because Apple’s using new 3D printed parts. These new parts are said to be a little bit cheaper for Apple to manufacture and it could also help the production time for these watches. So that there are more of these available when Apple needs them at launch and definitely expect to see some new bands for the Apple watch ultra this year as well right now they only options. They have are for running hiking and for the swimming but there’s so many other activities in sport that i could see Apple specifically engineering bands for the Apple watch ultra really is a complete fresh start for the Apple watch and there’s just so much Apple can do it with it. It’s already been incredibly popular and I think this second gen model and Apple updating every year is going to accelerate that even further. There is not going to be a new version of the Apple watch SE though that’s not coming until 2024 so don’t expect to see that in September.


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